Photo Of The Day and we have a look at the Udav pistol. The Russian Army has chosen the Udav pistols with deliveries beginning at the end of 2023. It’s going to be available in two versions: the 6P72 for combined-arms formations and 6P72-1 for the special forces. The deal is worth about 400 million rubles (USD 5,400.000) and “up to several tens of thousands” of pistols will be purchased.

Caption from “Made in Russia”:

State tests of the pistol complex “Udav” chambered for 9 × 21 mm ended in early 2019. During the tests, the weapon was exposed to climatic and mechanical factors to check for compliance with the resistance (strength) requirements established by the regulatory and technical documentation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The ballistic characteristics of the pistol were also investigated. The pistol worked stably in a wide temperature range from plus 50 to minus 70 degrees.

The “Udav” is intended to replace the Makarov pistol (PM, in service since 1951), which remains the most widespread in the Russian army. In addition to the PM, the troops use a APS Stechkin pistol (in service since 1951) of 9 × 18 mm caliber. It is mainly used by special forces.

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What do you think about the Udav pistol and the choice of the 9×21 mm caliber?

The photo is from “Made in Russia” – a Facebook page with photos and video materials about Russian technologies and innovations.

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