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Courtesy Black Guns Matter

“This bill would remove one of the few protections that we currently have in place to stop dangerous people from buying handguns,” said Sen. Natasha Marcus, a Mecklenburg County Democrat.

[Governor Roy] Cooper’s office didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment on the bill. Attorney General Josh Stein, also a Democrat, asked legislators earlier this week to consider ”the serious threat to public safety this legislation carries and reject it.”

The bill, if it were to become law, wouldn’t end the requirement that sheriffs issue concealed weapons permits. …

The local pistol permit requirement began in 1919 during the Jim Crow era, and some bill supporters argue it’s still preventing law-abiding black residents from obtaining weapons. But a local NAACP leader spoke against the bill earlier Wednesday, and Marcus said such opposition is evidence to her that the current permitting system isn’t racist.

— Gary D. Robertson in Bill repealing NC pistol purchase permit heading to governor

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