Build Your Dream P365 With the SIG Custom Works P365 FCU

Build Your Dream P365 With the SIG Custom Works P365 FCU

The SIG Sauer P365 micro-compact 9mm pistol has been one of the most popular concealed carry pistols to come to the market in a long time. With more capacity in a compact package, many people have made the switch from other platforms to the P365. SIG Sauer is now offering the SIG Custom Works P365 FCU (Fire Control Unit) to its customers so they can put together a custom-tailored carry pistol just for them.

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Build Your Dream P365 With the SIG Custom Works P365 FCU

The core of SIG Sauer’s P320 and P3665 pistols have always been their removable and replaceable Fire Control Units. Since the P365 FCU is the serialized part of the firearm, it can be removed and placed into another frame and used with another slide without issues or the need to fill out another 4473. The SIG Custom Works P365 FCU will now allow customers to piece together their own custom carry piece, but the FCU itself has quite a few features that might make it worth upgrading from your standard FCU.

  The P365 Custom Works Fire Control Unit (FCU) brings an unprecedented level of customizability and personalization to the micro-compact carry platform. From grip modules, magazines, custom slides, barrels, optics, and accessories, you can configure your P365 in thousands of different ways to personally customize your pistol to your specific carry needs.

  • Exclusive Titanium Nitride Frame
  • Titanium Nitride Skeletonized Trigger
  • Custom FCU Serial Number
  • Compatible with all 9mm P365 accessories
  • Build a custom P365 with a full line of performance parts and accessories at

Each SIG Custom Works P365 FCU can be customized from the ground up using SIG Sauer’s P365 Studio. From there you can pick from several options to customize your build including options for grip modules, slides, barrels, guide rods, springs, magazines, and even optics. Pricing will depend on the options selected.

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