USMC with an M320

USMC with an M320

U.S. Marines with 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, provide suppressive fire utilising an M320 during a live-fire range, July 12, 2017 (USMC/Lance Cpl. Justin X. Toledo)

Back in 2018, the USMC announced some fundamental changes to the basic squad’s make up. The dedicated grenadier returned and the new 40mm grenade launcher, the M320, deployed at the fire team level. Unlike his Vietnam-era counterparts, the modern grenadier is expected to carry a rifle along with the M320 – though not attached to the weapon, as in the previous M203.

M320 @ TFB:

The USMC’s replacement of the M203 with the M320 was announced back in 2017, with the Marines ordering their first M320s from Heckler & Koch in 2018. With the new weapons now in inventory, the Marines needed a secure method of retaining the launcher when not in use.

Grenade Launcher Order to be Fulfilled by LMT for US. Army

An M320 Grenade Launcher (DoD)

S.O. Tech have stepped up to provide the ‘M320A1 Grenade Launcher Weapon Retention Clamp’. S.O. Tech describe the standalone M320 as a “cumbersome device with scope and stock”. The answer to the Marine’s problem is a clamp which has “a plastic insert to grip the frame of the weapon rather than the trigger guard” along side some Molle straps with a buckle and velcro tabs to square the weapon away. S.O. Tech will supply the Marine Corps with 8,000 clamps for the M320A1, at a price of $45.60 each.

S.O.TECH M320 retention clamp (S.O.TECH)

Here’s what S.O.TECH have to say about the M320A1 Grenade Launcher Weapon Retention Clamp:

S.O.Tech is proud to have worked with the USMC to develop a solution to the difficult challenge of securely retaining the M320. This is a cumbersome device with scope and stock making it sway and shift on the vest. A stable carriage platform that still offers speed draw and field repairability was needed.

The Solution: SOTECH’s weapon clamp was designed to pull the weapon close to the body with the pistol grip angled inward. The clamp uses a plastic insert to grip the frame of the weapon rather than the trigger guard. The clamp is indented on one side and flat on the other side, allowing the weapon to lay flat on the shooter. Detents on both sides would have angle the weapon outward creating sway. Three MOLLE compatible loops provide a stable attachment that pulls the weapon against the shooter.

Quadruple retention with a plastic lined front strap fastened by a side lock buckle common to all military issue rigs pro-vides easy manipulation and security. Stiffened straps keep them from dangling and catching in the action or in the sight mount. The elastic grip retention is anchored for an easy no-look find and manipulation. Its pistol grip loop is rubber grip lined flat elastic for a better hold on the weapon.

And in case of a failure with the plastic clamp, it can be easily removed and replaced, as can the elastic grip strap which can also be tightened if the elastic wears. M320A1 Grenade Launcher Weapon Retention Clamp is patented and has additional patents pending. Available on GSA and through DLA. Government price is $45.60.

RETENTION CLAMP, Right GLRC-RT-CB NSN: 1005-01-691-9293;

RETENTION CLAMP, Left GLRC-LT-CB NSN: 1005-01-691-9289;


S.O. Tech also offer a Claw Padded Thigh Rig and a full M320 Grenade Launcher Carriage System which includes a retention holster, retention clamp and an elastic sling. Find out more

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