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Joe Biden’s disastrous appointments to run the U.S. military have brought plenty of “woke” diversity and inclusion to the branches of the US military. Not only that, but they’ve worked to purge conservatives, who the brass believe to be dangerous racists and extremists, at the same time.

So it probably shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that one of the Commander in Chief’s  troops hoppped on TikTok — while in uniform —  to inform her fellow Americans that her weapon will be pointed at them if she’s ever deployed within the USA.

Staff Sergeant Cindy Bronson made it clear that, “If you do not get into your house when I tell you to, YOU become the enemy.”

Here’s the video . . .

The feckless Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley must be so proud.

Here is the transcript of Bronson’s video . . .

Understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just pointed at other people… other countries. It’s pointed at YOU. If you do not get into your house when I tell you to, YOU become the enemy. Martial law.

Bronson’s remarks are making an impression.  Stephen Green at PJ Media covered it . . .

Ever notice how wokeness is usually just an excuse to boss people around? For some, that includes doing it with the working end of an M4A1.

A properly commanded military would be drumming Bronson out right about now. Instead, the Pentagon’s Master of Disaster — that’s Gen. Mark Milley in case you couldn’t guess — is too busy losing control of our Afghanistan evacuation and indulging in a services-wide snipe hunt for “white supremacists” in the military.

Earlier this month retired special forces vet and executive director of the Association of the United States Navy, Jason Beardsley, wrote for the Daily Signal:

“In a firefight,” Beardsley says, “the one question that never occurred to me was, ‘Do I have enough black guys on the guns down behind me?’ Or, ‘Do I have enough Puerto Ricans on this side?’ Nobody cares. We want talented service members who honor the flag and respect the heritage of this country.”
In an editorial from June, Beardsley warned that “Wokeness is well on its way to poisoning our military” and with current policies,  “morale and discipline of the command may also be at risk.”

Meanwhile, Gen. Milley says that it’s “offensive” to think that the military is too “woke.”

A little sleuthing found that SSGT Bronson’s military occupation code is 88M or Army Motor Transport Operator. So we have a woke NCO who drives trucks for the US Army telling us how ready, willing, and able she is to open fire on her fellow Americans if we don’t jump to attention and salute.

If a bunch of marginally literate third-world goat herders can fight the US military to a standstill under Joe Biden, what does SSGT Bronson thinks will happen in the world’s most heavily armed nation?

How would an Army of Bronsons fare against first-world types with a whole lot more training and experience with firearms than most Army Motor Transport Operators? People who have a passion for shooting and hitting their targets exceptionally well while fighting for their homes and families?


Let’s hope it never comes to that.


Next Post Coming Soon…▶

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