Apache tank busters are the subject of our Photo Of The Day. These belong to the Army Air Corps and they are the most powerful battlefield helicopters in Britain’s arsenal. These gunships are modified with floatation devices so that they can be retrieved in the event of an accident.

The heavy metal thunder of Apache gunships has left HMS Prince of Wales after two fruitful weeks for the ship and Army Air Corps in the Bristol and English Channels. The tankbusters of 656 Squadron – the Army’s dedicated maritime Apache squadron – earned their sea legs as air and ground yet got used to RN life, while Prince of Wales’ crew got used to working with the ultimate battlefield helicopter.

…it remains the same fearsome tank-busting battlewagon operated over land, equipped with a chain gun capable of spitting out a hail of 30mm lead at 600 rounds a minute, CRV rockets to knock out buildings and Hellfire anti-tank missiles.

The M230 is classified as an “Area Weapon System”, and uses a 2 hp (1.5 kW) electric motor to work. Normally, the 30 mm M230 Chain Gun has 1,200 rounds on board, which should theoretically last for about 2 minutes if you keep your finger on the fire button.

In total, there are four pylon stations on the stub wings, where a variety of weapons can be mounted depending on the mission.

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Pictures by Royal Navy

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