POTD: Slovenian Armed Forces with FN F2000 Rifles

POTD: Slovenian Armed Forces with FN F2000 Rifles

Photo Of The Day: One of the best and most detailed live photos of the FN F2000 can be seen above. The rifle has an Aimpoint sight and a laser illuminator on the left side. The FN F2000 is the standard issue rifle for the Slovenian Armed Forces. The Slovenians have bought a total of 14,000 rifles and now FN Herstal has stopped the production of this model.

Below: Canadian soldier with a Colt.

Exercise VALIANT FORGER: A great team building exercise! Multinational teams from the eFP BG Latvia worked together during a March & Shoot competition that included an obstacle course, mine field clearance, medical evacuation and marksmanship competition.

The eFP BG Latvia participated in Ex VALIANT FORGER to enhance cohesion within the battle group. Nine nations came together to teach each other new skills, learn each other’s combat capabilities, and face physical challenges together.

Another rifle, much more traditional in its design, made by FN can be seen here: FN SCAR in NATO Enhanced Forward Presence.

Photo Source: NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia. Sgto 1 Alfonso Cortés Pinilla, enhanced Forward Presence Imagery Technician, Ejército de Tierra

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