Savage Partners with Canadian University Shooting Federation (CUSF)

Firearms policy just to our north isn’t as friendly as it is down here in the States. It is no secret that Canada’s gun culture is constantly under threat from multiple angles, so today we have a bit of good news as well as news that might bode well for the future. Savage Arms has partnered up with the CUSF (Canadian University Shooting Federation) to provide the group with both rifles and shotguns for their shooting sports programs. I cannot understate how pivotal this could turn out to be for the future of Canadian firearms ownership, policy and culture. So what is the CUSF all about and how is Savage Arms helping?

Savage Arms @ TFB:

Savage Partners with Canadian University Shooting Federation (CUSF)

Savage Arms Partners with Canadian University Shooting Federation (CUSF)

The primary goal of the non-profit CUSF is to provide post-secondary schooling students with an introduction to firearms, and the competition world. The Federation provides students with the knowledge and resources they need to start teams, maintain teams, run clubs, and participate in national sport shooting leagues. The Federation hosts beginners shotgun clinics, Mapleseed Rifle Clinics, as well as more traditional rifle competition classes for all of its members.

Savage will be providing the organization with both shotguns and rimfire rifles for competitive shooters who are members of the organization.

The Canadian University Shooting Federation is excited to be working with Savage Arms in a joint mission of firearms education and sport shooting skills development, Partnering with industry helps lower the barrier of entry and ensures a young, vibrant shooting community for years to come. Our student members are grateful for the generous support!

-CUSF President David Fahlman

Savage Partners with Canadian University Shooting Federation (CUSF)

Personally, I think this is a great example of giants within the firearm industry actively and intelligently fostering a connection with the next generation of policymakers and firearms enthusiasts. Introducing firearms to collegiate-level competitors is just another great way that a brand can be both an influence as well as an ambassador to people who are either unfamiliar or uncertain of what the firearms industry is all about. What are your thoughts on this partnership and what do you guys hope to see come from Savage teaming up with the CUSF? Do you think this will have any significant impact on the Canadian firearms culture?

Savage Partners with Canadian University Shooting Federation (CUSF)

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