Hiperfire Introduces Hipercomp Next Gen Recoil Compensators

Hiperfire Introduces Hipercomp Next Gen Recoil Compensators

Recoil compensators are nothing new for Hiperfire. Although the company specializes in drop-in aftermarket triggers, they have previously released their popular Generation 1 recoil compensators which rivaled some of the best performing compensators already in the industry. The Hipercomp 556C, 556CQ, and 9mm versions were among their most popular. Hiperfire has since then taken a new approach using modern computational models to produce their Hipercomp Next Gen recoil compensators that are not only more effective but less expensive as well.

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Hiperfire Introduces Hipercomp Next Gen Recoil Compensators

Spurred by constant customer feedback, the next generation Hipercomp recoil compensators bring to the table lower pricing and more recoil reduction. Featuring a similar form factor to a standard MIL birdcage flash hider, the Hipercomp Next Gen comps integrate flawlessly with any rifle whether that is an AR15, AR-10, or even an AK rifle. That’s right, Hiperfire also took this opportunity to add Hipercomps that work with 7.62×51 Nato and 7.62×39 AK rifles.

Hiperfire approached the Hipercomp Next Gen design using Fluent computational fluid dynamics software from ANSYS to not only reduce development times but also reduce the cost of developing the new compensators resulting in a lower priced item for the consumer. Normally this process requires a lot of trial and error and production of physical components but Hiperfire was able to effectively skip this step with accurate computer modeling.

Hiperfire Introduces Next-Gen Hipercomp Recoil Compensators

762 Next Gen

The benefits of the Hiperfire Next Gen include standard threading options, included crush washers, and compatibility with standard MIL armorers tools. The Hipercomp 556 Next Gen features M9/M10 bayonet compatibility and claims best-in-class recoil reduction and retails for only $69.00. The two 7.62 options are both priced at $79.00 each while the 9mm version is priced similarly to the 556 Next Gen at $69.00.

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