Jerry Miculek's MMB (Miculek Magnetic Buffer) System

Jerry Miculek's MMB (Miculek Magnetic Buffer) System

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There is no question that Jerry Miculek is an extremely popular and high-performing shooter. The pro shooter recently released his patent-pending Miculek Magnetic Buffer system which uses rare-earth magnetic technology to provide the end-user with better muzzle control and to dampen the recoil of the AR-15 platform. The Miculek Magnetic Buffer system is specifically designed for modern sporting rifles and will fit in all carbine buffer tubes as well as rifle buffer tubes with a buffer spacer.

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Jerry Miculek’s MMB (Miculek Magnetic Buffer) System

The Miculek Magnetic Buffer System works by taking the standard profile of an AR-15 buffer and hollowing it up and placing two repelling magnets inside. A plunger on the back end of the magnetic buffer acts as a spring and will dampen the travel of the bolt carrier group progressively as it moves to the rear of the tube (seen in the GIF below).

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The buffer itself can be tuned to accommodate different bolt weights as well as gas settings on your file which could be useful for testing out different types of loads for a competition setting or for use with a suppressor. The Miculek Magnetic Buffer system will work with rifles chambered for .223/5.56 and .300 BLK but according to the current product page, more Miculek Magnetic Buffer systems are being developed for additional platforms.

Jerry Miculek's MMB (Miculek Magnetic Buffer) System

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You can see that the way the buffer is designed that you should be able to adjust it without completely removing it from the rifle. It looks like this screw is held in place by a rubber O-Ring to keep it from drifting out of place when cycling the rifle. The two biggest questions I have about the platform are first, how long it will last compared to a standard buffer and spring (in my experience magnets are pretty fragile), and also what kind of concerns should I have if I were to use this in tandem with electronics such as a Kestrel, radio or range finder? The Miculek Magnetic Buffer system is currently sold from Jerry’s website for $149.95 which puts it in the same neighborhood of a JP2 Silent Captured Buffer assembly in terms of price. What are your thoughts on this new product from Jerry Miculek?

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