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Right to Carry Timeline
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The America Civil Liberties Union, which has never been able to count to ten and remember to include number two, is apparently unaware that more than 40 states have either shall-issue or some form of constitutional (permitless) concealed carry laws. And somehow the Americans who live in those states have full access to and use of their First Amendment rights.

New York’s restriction on public carry serves the state’s profound constitutional commitment to free expression — one that exceeds the United States Constitution and has made the state a cultural center for the nation and the world.

“Like most other rights, the Second Amendment is not absolute, and there are important First Amendment interests at stake when it comes to the carrying of guns in public,” said ACLU Legal Director David Cole. “The widespread and unregulated presence of guns in public spaces can chill our rights to assemble, protest, and speak out, and states are justified in regulating public carry to help promote trust that all will be free to exercise their right to free expression without worrying about getting shot.” 

— ACLU press release announcing amicus brief in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen

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