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The Detroit Free Press, a slowly sinking dead tree publication, did a little dancing in the blood of murdered and maimed school kids from Oxford, Michigan in the aftermath of the failure of the local school to remove a student who had all but begged for for help. Instead of attacking the failures of government officials to protect their charges in the school, the paper’s editorial board blames…gun owners.

The Freep’s galaxy brains studiously ignore mountains of evidence of the proven benefits of firearm ownership including millions of defensive gun uses each year. Instead, they apply the the intellectual depth of kindergartners in claiming that if only we could ban guns in schools, daycares and churches — and pass a whole slew of additional gun control laws — we would all be safer from criminals who ignore such laws and social norms.

Maybe someone should ask the people in White Settlement, Texas about their views on banning good guys with guns from churches . . .

But back to The Free Press. Here’s the opening paragraph from the house editorial, trying to establish some common ground before the agitprop kicks in.

Our hearts are with the parents of the four students slain Tuesday in Oxford, a hell no parent should have to endure; and with the seven others wounded in the same attack. We pray for their swift, full recovery. 

It’s almost like there’s a handbook for how to gaslight Americans to create a utopia through propaganda and government control of everyday people. Of course, personal liberty and freedom, including the right to firearm ownership and armed self-defense, have no place in such a society.

Let the propaganda begin . . .

Some will say that nothing can be done to prevent such attacks. Oakland County officials report that Crumbley’s parents met with school administrators over the boy’s classroom behavior just hours before the attack, but found no cause to send him home. Crumbley’s father, it seems, purchased his firearm legally.

The Free Press willfully and likely intentionally omits that government didn’t protect those dead and wounded high school students by failing to remove the red-flag-waving student to protect his fellow classmates.

It’s not like they had no clue. The accused killer wrote in a graphic note depicting blookd and violence, “The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.”

Yet despite the cry for help, which to any reasonable might seem as subtle as a 2×4 across the forehead, the school’s administrators did…nothing. Nothing.

From Detroit’s WDIV TV:

Tim Willis, a lieutenant with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, spoke in court Friday and described a discovery that alarmed Crumbley’s teacher so much, she took a picture of it with her phone.

“The morning of the shooting, Ethan Crumbley’s teacher came upon a note on Ethan’s desk, which alarmed her to the point that she took a picture of it on her phone,” Willis said. “The note contained the following: a drawing of a semi-automatic handgun pointed at the words, ‘The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.’ In another section of the note was a drawing of a bullet with the following words above that bullet: ‘Blood everywhere.’ Between the drawing of the gun and the bullet is the drawing of a person who appears to have been shot twice and bleeding. Below that figure is the drawing of a laughing emoji. Further down the drawing are the words, ‘My life is useless,’ and to the right of those words are, ‘The world is dead.’”

So because government educrats failed to protect students, we now need to pass more gun control laws to further restrict the freedoms of the law-abiding? Did the editors draft their editorial with Crayons?

The Free Press continues . . .

Poll after poll confirms Michiganders’ support for prohibiting guns in schools, daycare centers and churches, enacting red flag laws that would keep guns out of the hands of people who pose an imminent threat to themselves or others, and other precautions ensure the safe storage and handling of firearms. 

Frankly, the only poll that really counts remains the one on election day, and that poll doesn’t show the overwhelming support the mainstream media claims as it tries to gaslight Americans.

It probably won’t surprise you that the Freep is in a state of circulation collapse. Since 2011, it has lost half of its daily readers. Circulation has collapsed 24% in just the three years from 2018 to 2020.

It’s apparently escaped the Freep’s editorial board that it’s already illegal to carry a firearm in Michigan’s schools. Churches and daycare facilities can also prohibit them if they choose. Strangely, though, the insane and the criminally inclined don’t have much regard for those laws.

Given the intellectual power displayed by its editorial staff, it’s unlikely that Detroit’s incredibly shrinking dead tree publication will ever return to the glory days of yesteryear.

For the philosophically inclined, did the collapsing circulation of the Detroit newspaper result in its intellectually vapid editorial leadership, or was it dim bulb editors who caused the decline in readership? We’ll leave that chicken-egg analysis up to you, our fellow gun owners, to ponder next time you’re cleaning your personal defense tools.

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