TFB Review: Elftmann SOCOM Match Trigger

Elftmann triggers are pretty sweet. I got to check one out a few years ago. In fact, that was the beginning of my being a self-proclaimed trigger snob. There was no way I was going to pass up reviewing their new SOCOM trigger. I was hoping they had a “more-better” product, not a slightly different newer same old. I found that the Elftmann SOCOM is not just adjustable, but VERY easily adjustable. None of the finding the microscopic hex head with the world’s smallest Allen wrench nonsense. I was pumped until it was stolen, kind of. More on that later.

Elftmann Tactical @ TFB:

TFB Review: Elftmann SOCOM Match Trigger

TFB Review: Elftmann SOCOM Match Trigger


The Elfman SOCOM arrived in a small bag. The bag had the SOCOM trigger, directions, and a small floor plate. The trigger itself was well made, evenly anodized a bright red. A skeletonized shoe with a front face texture. The texture is comfortable and allows positive firm contact.  While manipulating the trigger, it felt very smooth and well machined. Elftmann uses sealed bearings while most aftermarket triggers do not probably, to keep costs down. You can feel the difference with the bearings just rolling the hammer through its range. It is smooth and consistent and has no play laterally.

At the rear of the housing is a large adjustment screw with spring-type retention. This allows for precise incremental adjustments and locking the screw in place. Out of the “box”, I was pretty sure this was going to appease my irrational needs and wants in a trigger.

TFB Review: Elftmann SOCOM Match Trigger

TFB Review: Elftmann SOCOM Trigger


Step 1. Starting from a lower receiver with the old trigger removed. Prepare trigger by applying just a touch of blue thread lock to the set screws. Turn the set screw back into trigger housing.

Step 2. Place floor plate into the receiver. Drop in the trigger and replace pins. Center trigger within the receiver, then firmly seat the set screws.

TFB Review: Elftmann SOCOM Trigger


  • Precision sealed bearings
  • 1/4″ wide hammer, Trigger & Disconnector
  • hardened A2 tool steel, precision wire EDM cut
  • 6061-T6 anodized aluminum housing
  • Incremental adjustable trigger pull weight
  • Adjustable from 2 3/4lbs to 4lbs without removing from lower
  • Proprietary Double-Double torsion hammer spring and heavy hammer
  • Very short pull and reset allows for rapid follow up shots and greater accuracy
  • High-performance trigger and hammer needle bearings
  • MSRP $259.00

TFB Review: Elftmann SOCOM Match Trigger


The ELF SOCOM looks just as good installed. The skeletonized trigger shoe stands out and is comfortable without any noticed sharp edges. The function is excellent. A very even crisp break and zero take up. Zero. The SOCOM runs smooth and fast.

The easy adjustment design is what I find to be the high point of the ELF SOCOM. The adjustment screw sits high enough to give easy access but still sits in the lower receiver. I made adjustments as easy with a coin as I did with a screwdriver. Turning it by hand is pretty difficult for my large fingers but possible.

The SOCOM trigger is easily adjusted. On the fly, a coin works as well.

TFB Review: Elftmann SOCOM Trigger


Early on in my review, it was made very clear to me this trigger would live in my daughter’s rifle (because “Elves and unicorns go together”). Talk up a product too much and those around you will exert their powers. Certainly one of the better AR triggers I have worked with so, I did not put up a fight. She was able to learn a lot about the adjustment because of the ease of doing it.

The ELF SOCOM is a five-star trigger. I find no fault with it. A zero take-up trigger with a clean crisp break. The reset is pronounced but smooth. The sealed bearings allow smooth and fast movement of the trigger and hammer. The price point may get some, but you will notice the difference to other drop-in triggers every time it is taken to the range.

I plan on visiting these guys at SHOT2022. Tell them they make an excellent trigger. I will also let them know that elves go with unicorns. Do any of our readers run an ELF trigger? Let me know in the comments.

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