Holsters are somewhat of a confusing topic for me. Not because I don’t know what I like or what to buy but because it seems like holsters tend not to follow the same rigid rules of quality and function that other guns and gear do in the firearms industry. I find that holsters are often popular with certain people mostly for personal preference rather than pure form or function. Of course, you have some holsters that are almost universally vilified for one or two silly reasons and then there are those that many will almost universally praise but a large majority of holsters out there are either favored or forgotten based on a weird combination of personal preference combined with largely the same features. I say all of this because today we’ll be featuring some of my personal favorite holsters. So let’s get jolly and look at some ho ho holsters!

The 7th Day of TFB’s 12 Days of Christmas: Ho Ho Holsters!

The BlackHawk Omnivore

This one should come as an obvious choice, at least if you like to try out a lot of different handguns. As the name implies, the Blackhawk omnivore can eat almost any semi-auto handgun out there that has a rail on it. The Omnivore also features a thumb release and even comes in versions that can accommodate a weapon light if that is how you roll. If you find yourself having a lot of semi-auto pistols and don’t want to buy specialized holsters for each one, check out the Omnivore.

The 7th Day of TFB's 12 Days of Christmas: Ho Ho Holsters!

Photo: US Law Shield | The 7th Day of TFB’s 12 Days of Christmas: Ho Ho Holsters!

  • Works with nearly any rail-equipped semi-automatic pistol
  • Free float design elements holster wear on the pistol
  • Level 2 retention
  • 3-position adjustable thumb release
  • Available for pistols with or without a weapon light
  • $45.99 at Brownells

Safariland 7371 7TS ALS Slim Fit Concealment Micro Paddle Holster

If you like carrying some of the more modern semi-auto micro-compact pistols and like the ALS system that is offered by Safariland, then you should really check out the 7371 T7 ALS holster. Featuring an open-top design without the rear cover, the ALS still allows you fast access to your pistol with its easy-to-use ALS locking system which also positions your hand in the perfect place for a solid shooting grip. This particular offering from Safariland is much smaller than other ALS holsters and won’t print quite as much as larger holsters.

Photo: CopQuest | The 7th Day of TFB’s 12 Days of Christmas: Ho Ho Holsters!

  • Available for popular micro-compact pistols like the Glock 42/43, SIG P365, Ruger LC9, S&W M&P Shield, and Glock 48
  • ALS locking system automatically locks in the pistol when it is reholstered
  • Weather and temperature resistant non-marking nylon construction
  • Starts at $42.99 at Brownells

CrossBreed Holsters Micro Reckoning Holster

The Micro Reckoning Holster is the perfect combination of Old-World Craftsmanship meets New-World features. The Micro Reckoning Holster can be worn inside of the waistband on the strong side, appendix, or cross draw positions. This can also be easily converted to an outside of the waistband holster with simple hardware.

The 7th Day of TFB's 12 Days of Christmas: Ho, Ho, Holsters!

The 7th Day of TFB’s 12 Days of Christmas: Ho Ho Holsters!

  • Compatible with popular micro-compacts like the SIG P238, SIG P938, Kimber Micro 9, and Micro 380.
  • Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee & Life Time Warranty
  • Available in OD Green, FDE, and Sniper Grey with Three leather options
  • Available for left and right-handed draw
  • Anodized holster hardware
  • Currently on sale starting at $54.71 at Crossbreed Holsters

The ACtive Pro Gear Belly Band Holster

Featuring the best (in my opinion) in terms of concealment, comfort, and firearm compatibility, the Active Pro Gear belly band holster is perfect for those who need to have a deep concealment option for their semi-auto handgun or revolver. These holsters are inexpensive, flexible, and completely safe to carry and they are by far my favorite way to carry concealed especially during the summer months when clothing and firearm options are more limited.

The 7th Day of TFB's 12 Days of Christmas: Ho, Ho, Holsters!

The 7th Day of TFB’s 12 Days of Christmas: Ho Ho Holsters!

  • Unparalleled deep concealment option
  • Carry appendix, strong side or small of the back comfortably
  • Spare magazine pouch
  • The optional velcro retention strap is great for carrying concealed while jogging
  • Available for left and right-handed shooters
  • Can accommodate the small pistols like the Ruger LCP II all the way up to 1911 sized pistols with ease
  • $21.99 from Amazon

I’ve come across some great holster deals below so I’ll list out what we’ve found so far!

Buy 1 Holster Get Another Free from Bravo Concealment

The 7th Day of TFB's 12 Days of Christmas: Ho, Ho, Holsters!

The 7th Day of TFB’s 12 Days of Christmas: Ho Ho Holsters!

Take advantage of this special holiday deal from Bravo concealment with other great deals including 50% off holster and magazine pouch combos. 

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