Angry rottweiler dog

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Last week a 51-year-old woman was jogging when a neighbor’s friendly Labradoodle jumped an electric fence ran into the street to greet her. Most people would do what the jogger did…she grabbed the pet by the collar and took the dog back to its owner. That was when the owner’s two Rottweilers ran out of the house and attacked the good Samaritan.

The Chicago Tribune reports that “One had her by the leg, and the other had her by the scalp.”

A concealed carry holder was driving by and stopped to help the owner try to get the dogs off the jobber, but the attack continued. But the driver, who is a CCL holder, wasn’t carrying his gun.

From the Tribune . . .

“So he called his father, who was maybe a block away, and asked him to get his gun and bring it to him, which he did. I believe he put it in his car and the man retrieved it,” [Kain County sheriff Ron] Hain said.

All the while, the dogs continued to attack the woman.

“It went on for minutes, we don’t have an exact time frame. Once he had the weapon he shot the dog basically at point-blank range. He had to take appropriate action to save her life …,” Hain said. “And I believe he did.”

The gunshot caused the second dog to break off the attack. The wounded dog died and the owner had the other Rottweiler put down.

The injured woman to a local hospital where doctors reportedly had to use six feet of sutures to sew up her wounds. 

I live close to where this happened, and most local media left details out about how vicious this was. As usual, the armchair lawyers started voicing their opinions on social media where a lack of facts or legal expertise rarely gets in the way of expressing an opinion.  

“They were no threat to him personally. I agree he may see some trouble out of this.” 

“They will charge him with something for sure, it’s the liberal way. Discharging in public, endangering others, displaying a weapon etc.”

I doubt that would happen, even in the most liberal jurisdictions, but who knows these days. The CCL holder did an excellent job by taking the shot at point-blank range, minimizing the chances of anyone being hit. The local Sheriff agrees . . .

[Self defense instructor David Lombardo] and Hain agreed the gun owner not only followed the letter of the law but that he heroically came to the aid of a person who was unable to defend herself. And while the Kane County sheriff’s office continues to investigate, Hain said his office will not recommend charges against the man with the concealed carry license.

“It’s a cut-and-dry case of self-defense; it’s just not the scenario people usually think of when getting a gun for protection. But as sad as it is to have to kill a dog, when the choice is between a human life and a dog’s life, the human wins,” Lombardo said. “He probably saved her life.”

The attack raises some questions. Does a violent dog attack justify the shooting? What ramifications does a gun owner face when forced to shoot a dangerous animal?

The woman survived, but the attack could have had an entirely different ending if the gun owner hadn’t taken action. We carry to protect ourselves and others from deadly situations, but if we don’t have our firearm, what good is it? As the old American Express tag line advised, don’t leave home without it.

When people are close to home or in familiar surroundings, they tend to let their guard down. This is a stark reminder that a threat can come from anywhere at any time, and it doesn’t always arrive on two legs.


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