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Clearly, we’re still in 2021 because you simply can’t make this stuff up. A pair of Washington State legislators, both endorsed by Everytown and Moms Demand Action, have introduced a bill to reduce the criminal penalties for murders committed in drive-by shootings. The legislators claim the bill will promote “racial equity in the criminal justice system.”

Eleventh District Rep. David Hackney and 23rd District Rep. (and convicted felon) Tarra Simmons introduced House Bill 1692 in the Washington Assembly.

As the Firearms Policy Coalition’s Rob Romano tweets . . .

Hackney’s bio page at the Washington House Democrats’ website paints a picture of a man who struggled in school until finally graduating with a Harvard law degree in order to “positively impact people’s lives through the law.” That apparently includes ensuring violent criminals are back on the streets more quickly.

In addition to his job in the legislature, Hackney sits on the board of a gun control org in Washington State.

Tarra Simmons’ bio page tells her story of dropping out of middle school at 13, getting pregnant and having a baby at 15, drug addiction, at least one felony conviction, incarceration, and a failed career in nursing. She too eventually earned a law degree (the Washington State Bar initially refused to admit her due to her criminal record, but she was eventually admitted upon appeal).

Screen capture by Boch via gunsensevoter.org.

Both Simmons and Hackney now serve in the Washington State Legislature. Both have also earned the enthusiastic endorsement of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Control and Moms Demand Action anti-gun rights organizations.

Screen capture by Boch via gunsensevoter.org.

Let’s be clear about how these legislators want to “promote racial equity.” Both actively work to disarm law-abiding residents and make lawful gun ownership more difficult and expensive. And at the same time, now they’re working to reduce the penalties faced by convicted killers. That would return them to the streets sooner to prey on the very people Hackney and Simmons claim they’re working for.

Has the world gone mad?


Hat tip to the Mom-At-Arms blog for this story.

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