Screen capture by Boch. Via Leaked Reality.

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Armed robbers are basically bullies, using a firearm as a tool to intimidate their victims into compliance. Like most bullies, when they face someone on an equal or superior playing field, they tend to retreat. Usually rather urgently.

Leaked Reality has surveillance video of an armed robbery at a cluttered little antique shop. The video has no information as to the location or date of the robbery, but it surely looks as though the robber was protecting himself from COVID with a face diaper. He soon found that it did little to protect him from a good guy’s bullets.

The robber walked in and brazenly demanded cash. The guy sitting in the chair either had nerves of steel or was higher than a kite.

One of the other employees came crawling out and drew his pistol from the appendix carry position. Then, when the robber reached over the counter and struck him on the head with the pistol, the employee came up and opened fire.

Screen capture by Boch. Via Leaked Reality.

It looked as though the robber was so surprised to see his “helpless” victim coming drawing a gun that he dropped his own mohaska before attempting to retreat as fast has his feet would carry him. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t outrun 1200 fps.

The employee’s rounds found their mark despite a far from perfect shooting technique. In fact, the defender fired until slide-lock as the offender kept moving. Barely.

Screen capture by Boch. Via Leaked Reality.

Fair warning, NSFW (graphic violence).

Obviously the armed shopkeeper didn’t see the bad guy’s gun go sailing over his head. He started shooting to stop the threat, even though the threat was retreating. The defender had no idea whether the bad guy was simply retreating to a better position to continue the robbery. He fired and he kept firing in the heat of the moment.

In the end, the robber’s career has ended rather abruptly. Clearly he won’t be reoffending and taxpayers won’t be paying to incarcerate him. That’s a win for all of his future potential victims.

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