Mass production of the famous AK-47 started in 1949, and by 1959 the design was completely finalized. Many countries tried to modernize it, some were successful, like Poland with its “Beryl” program, and some unsuccessful, like Hungary, which ended up ditching all changes in the late 70s to just makeRead More →

WDS 2022: Upgraded AK by Egyptian Military Factory

Posted 45 mins ago in AK-47 / AK-74 / Everything AK, Daily News, Defense by Vladimir Onokoy with No CommentsTags: EDEX-2022, egypt, Egyptian, Egyptian Military Factory, Maadi, WDS 2022, World Defense Show Historically, throughout the 20th century, Egypt had a strong and extensive firearms industry. Hakim and Rasheed rifles, HelwanRead More →

Before we talk about SMAR-100BPM in detail, we need to understand the circumstances that led to the creation of the modern Belarussian small arms industry. In recent years, Belarus has been putting a lot of effort into building its military-industrial complex. Historically, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, the countryRead More →

While in most countries firearms development and production are getting more and more restrictive, Turkey seems to effectively expand its gun industry, and the recent IDEF 2021 is a good example. Almost half of the firearms manufacturers at the expo were founded in the last 5 years. Özyurt Arms is one ofRead More →