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Just twelve days downstream from the the melee at the U.S. Capitol, tensions were maxed out as Virginia’s highest-profile citizen militia strode to the western boundary of the statehouse grounds in Richmond, rifles slung across their chest rigs. And then….nothing happened. There was, of course, plenty of press clamor aroundRead More →

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With the sun glinting off the U.S. Capitol dome, Fortress DC remains a veritable ghost town on the day that thousands of “armed insurrectionists” were supposedly expected. Instead, there is silence. Courtesy Jeff Hulbert The sidewalks of Washington, DC are eerily empty, save for the occasional tourist couples taking photosRead More →

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) In a desperate gambit to lay the blame for last week’s U.S. Capitol occupation at the feet of America’s firearms owners, gun haters are ginning up more slanderous claims aimed at prominent Second Amendment supporters. Gun-toting freshman Congressional representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado is one whoRead More →

Last week’s takeover of the U.S. Capitol, which was accomplished without any known discharge of firearms by the occupiers, has now triggered a rapidly escalating campaign to punish the Second Amendment community. The widening crackdowns and denunciations have moved at an alarming speed as the countdown to the Biden/Harris InaugurationRead More →

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Before the tear gas clouds had cleared from this week’s siege at the U.S. Capitol, the campaign to derail America’s next major gun rights demonstration was already underway. Gun haters shrieking on Twitter immediately escalated their activity, with Virginia’s ‘Gun Saves Lives’ mega-event kicks off in a little more thanRead More →