Midwest Industries Armorer's Wrench

Image credit: Midwest Industries Inc. Midwest Industries Inc. recently launched a new armorer’s wrench designed to work with AR-15’s and its bigger brother, AR-10 & SR25 rifles. The new Professional Armorer’s Wrench incorporates two 1/2 inch drive sockets for attaching a torque wrench, A2 sized slots for working on muzzleRead More →

Shockwave Tech Raptor F1 shotgun furniture

Shockwave Technologies have introduced their Raptor F1 shotgun furniture kits for the Mossberg 500/590 and Remington 870 shotgun models. These furniture sets include the forend and heat shield, and a bird’s head pistol grip. Shockwave Tech was nice enough to send a sample of each to review. Bird’s head shotgunRead More →

Meopta Optika LR rangefinding binoculars

Meopta has just announced their new long-range rangefinding binoculars, the MeoPro Optika LR.  The MeoPro Optika LR binoculars will be available in 8×50, and 10×42 magnifications.  According to the press release, these binoculars are able to range targets up to 2,600 and 2,950 yards.  According to the specifications page for theRead More →