(AP Photo/The Boston Globe, Aram Boghosian, Pool) A recent op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer titled ‘It’s time to treat gun violence like the public health emergency it is‘ sounds predictably tedious — spoiler alert: it is — but it’s not only that. Although you can probably get the gist ofRead More →

high capacity magazines

Things Californians still can’t buy. (Dan Z. for TTAG) The Neighbor online is reporting on Washington State’s push, for the fourth straight year, to ban the sale, manufacture or possession of magazines with more than 10 rounds in Washington state. Sponsored by Washington Sen. Marko Liias, D-Lynnwood,Senate Bill 5078 builds on efforts inRead More →

Washington capitol 2a rally

An editorial in The Washington Post claims that the only thing that kept January’s Capitol protests from erupting into horrific, terrorist-driven bloody gunfire is Washington, D.C.’s famously stringent gun control laws:  On Jan. 6, that same threat descended on the Capitol. Domestic terrorists attacked the seat of American democracy, intendingRead More →

Zip Tie guy’s order to be released has been repealed, will be transported immediately to DC in federal custody. pic.twitter.com/nzBGUDub4X — OSINTtechnical (@Osinttechnical) January 24, 2021 You are undoubtedly aware of the goings-on in the Capitol during the week before the Biden inauguration. You probably saw the guy in theRead More →

Replica gun sold by the now-closed Columbia Bookseller and Variety Store. (Photo credit: Columbia Bookseller and Variety Store) This story comes rather unsurprisingly from California. A bookstore by the name of Columbia Booksellers and Variety Store was forced to close both their brick-and-mortar location and their online store thanks toRead More →

David Vowell of Martin, Tennessee is wanted for questioning regarding a double homicide by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. (Photo credit: TBI) An incident at Reelfoot Lake in the northwest corner of Tennessee yesterday morning has once again proven the point that just because you’re a hunter doesn’t mean you’reRead More →

President Joe Biden signs executive orders on the economy in the State Dining Room of the White House, Friday, Jan. 22, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) The Las Vegas Sun has published an editorial declaring that it’s a moral imperative for President Biden to take swift action on whatRead More →