Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series (MARS) Rebrands with Accelerated Growth

Posted 31 mins ago in Daily News, Rimfire, Shooting Sports by Luke C. with No CommentsTags: Mars, Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series, Modern American Rimfire Series Rimfire PRS is a rapidly growing sport in the United States and organizations like the Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series are also feeling the accelerated growth.Read More →

RPG-2 rocket launcher from Atlantic Firearms

Posted 2 days ago in Daily News, Other Gear & Gadgets by Doug E with No CommentsTags: Atlantic Firearms, Inert, military surplus, recoilless weapon, RPG, RPG-2, rpg-7 Atlantic Firearms just announced that they have imported used, but now inert, RPG-2 recoilless launchers that are now for sale. The surplus RPG-2Read More →


Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Many Americans fervently believe that the Second Amendment protects their right to bear arms everywhere, including at public protests. Many Americans also believe that the First Amendment protects their right to speak freely and participate in political protest. What most people do not realize is that the SecondRead More →


courtesy youtube.com Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Imagine sinking from a speech writer for a Republican president to writing throw-away gun control screeds in a failing leftist opinion magazine. How the mighty, like never-Trumper David Frum, have fallen. Frum’s recent piece written in The Atlantic suggests that the way to persuadeRead More →