Though most guns were bought by people who already had at least one, about a quarter were bought by first-timers, according to the Northwestern study. Those new owners were more likely to be Black. Given the timing of the second surge, James Druckman, a Northwestern political science professor who workedRead More →

Ruger-57 (Jeremy S. for TTAG) Sturm, Ruger’s revenue was up 53% in its most recent fiscal quarter and earnings jumped more than 500%. It seems that Americans are well aware of societal factors making everyday life less safe and are extremely eager to ensure they’re well equipped to protect themselvesRead More →

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By Robert B. Young, MD We know that American firearm sales have dramatically increased since the spread of SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19, coronavirus, etc.). This study’s methodology is nothing to write home about. Their total population was 1,432 of whom 263 bought guns “during the pandemic.” A randomly selected, nationwide sample that sizeRead More →

Shutterstock Researchers at New Mexico State University and the University of Toledo found that being a health care provider was one of the strongest predictors of buying a firearm during the first few weeks of the coronavirus pandemic. Sixty-seven percent of people who reported buying a gun during the pandemic also reportedRead More →

Shutterstock The two most common reasons for recent firearm acquisition, according to the report, was “lawlessness” and the early releases of people from California prisons. The survey found that the fear of being attacked in one’s neighborhood was a prime driver of gun ownership among those who got a gun dueRead More →