Next Post Coming Soon…▶ I don’t love copying-and-pasting press releases, and I certainly don’t recall ever doing it for something as “simple” as sunglasses. However, having dealt with the difficulty (“first world problems” difficulty as it is) of trying to view all sorts of displays while wearing polarized sunglasses todayRead More →

TFB Review: The Lightweight and Low-Profile AXIL GS Digital 1 Earplugs

With advances in technology over the years, we have developed a lot of improved safety equipment and practices. I doubt anyone 100 years ago would have considered using hearing protection for everyday shooting (heck seatbelts weren’t even standard till 1968). From lead-free ammunition, more durable eye protection, advances in backstopRead More →

Dillon's Blue Press Goes Digital! Introducing the e Blue Press Catalog

Posted 20 mins ago in Ammunition, Companies, Daily News by Luke C. with No CommentsTags: Blue Press, Dillon Precision, Publications, reloading Long-time reloaders who favor Dillon Precision Reloading rigs or components will no doubt be familiar with Dillon’s Blue Press catalog. The bi-monthly catalog is a complimentary subscription service that DillonRead More →


  C.a.R Firearms is a small shop that specializes in custom work and related services (think build vs. assemble) located south of Seattle. Every time I’m there I make a mess, drooling over fantastic, precision-built guns — either their creations or customer-owned. But mostly, I enjoy visiting C.a.R Firearms because theRead More →

Brad Parscale

Brad Parscale (AP Photo/Chris Carlson) From the Second Amendment Foundation . . . The Second Amendment Foundation announced today it has signed an agreement with Parscale Strategies to produce digital media marketing and social media advertising. “This move will help grow our Second Amendment family,” said SAF founder and ExecutiveRead More →