Al Capone's Favorite 1911 and Other Personal Items Head to Auction

Posted 19 mins ago in Daily News, Pistols, Semi-Auto by Luke C. with No CommentsTags: 1911, Al Capone, famous guns, Gangster Guns, Gun History Al Capone’s “Favorite” 1911 The infamous gangster, bootlegger, and loan shark Al Capone is more than deserving of his legendary status within American culture. Capone diedRead More →


Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Al Capone’s “favorite” .45 (courtesy Witherell’s) Alphonse Capone, who fancied himself something of a Robin Hood figure while running the Chicago Outfit, spent eight years of an 11-year tax evasion sentence behind bars. He was released when his advanced syphilis became debilitating and died in 1947.Read More →

Fact: Mayors around the nation are cutting billions from law enforcement budgets. Fact: With thoroughly denigrated, defunded, and demoralized police forces, violent crime rates are soaring. Fact: Because of the deficit in community safety, legal gun ownership has hit record numbers in 2020. Fact: Politicians are openly endorsing the confiscationRead More →

Posted 3 hours ago in Daily News, Pistols, Revolver by Luke C. with No CommentsTags: 38 special, K-Frame Speedloader, revolvers, wheelgun Zeta Industries has just introduced a new and unique revolver speedloader that is specifically designed to work in tandem with your K-Frame sized revolvers. The Zeta Industries K-PAK isRead More →