Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, Pool) Next Post Coming Soon…▶ By Joe Bartozzi Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed law-abiding gun owners in his nation that he’s willing to become a tyrant to seize guns. Prime Minister Trudeau invoked Canada’s Emergency Act when truckers descended on Parliament Hill inRead More →

Posted 45 mins ago in AR-15, Daily News, Firearms Customization, NFA / Suppressors / Class III by Matthew Moss with No CommentsTags: Gas Defeating Charging Handle, GDCH, Silencerco, SilencerCo GDCH Gas Defeating Charging Handle (SilencerCo) SilencerCo have announced the Gas Defeating Charging Handle, with the aim of reducing the amountRead More →

Smith Tactics SIDE-KICK Co-CHARGER AR-15 Charging Handle (1)

Posted 32 mins ago in AR-15, Daily News, Firearms Customization, Other Gear & Gadgets by Hrachya H with No CommentsTags: AR 15, Charging Handle, side charger, SIDE-KICK Co-CHARGER, Smith Tactics Smith Tactics has released a new AR-15 charging handle called SIDE-KICK Co-CHARGER. This is a drop-in product (for mil-spec upperRead More →


New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Don’t worry about the doomsday scenarios propounded by opponents of the right to bear arms. The right is already respected in 42 states, and that data show that licensed carriers have a minuscule crime rate, approximately the sameRead More →

Recover Tactical PCH Slide Picatinny Rail with Charging Handle (8)

Posted 9 mins ago in Daily News, Firearms Customization, Optics, Other Gear & Gadgets, Pistols by Hrachya H with No CommentsTags: PCH, pistol charging handle, Recover Tactical, Slide Picatinny Rail Expanding their line of pistol slide mounted charging handles, Recover Tactical has released a more advanced version of these accessoriesRead More →


Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop shop, The Trace, is trumpeting the fact that if the Biden administration’s pistol brace proposed regulatory rule ever becomes ATF policy after the public comment period and process is complete, the federal firearms regulatory agency won’t be able to keep up with the demand to registerRead More →