.308 WIN Round with 165-Grain Nosler AccuBond (True Velocity) True Velocity are continuing to steadily expand their composite cased .308 Win ammo range with a new round loaded with a 165-grain Nosler AccuBond bullet. The first run of .308 True Velocity ammunition became publicly available back in August, following a numberRead More →

Nosler M48 Custom Handgun (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com) Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Welcome to the retro-future.  The single shot, bolt action M48 Nosler Custom Handgun reaches back into shooting history to create one of the coolest, most effective hunting pistols of the future. The M48 Nosler Custom Handgun (NCH)Read More →

Posted 37 mins ago in Bolt Action, Daily News, Rifles by Hrachya H with No CommentsTags: 280 Ackley Improved, 6.5 PRC, Granite Green, M48 Mountain Carbon, Nosler, Shale Gray Nosler has added new caliber and stock color options for their M48 Mountain Carbon Rifle. This rifle is now available chambered inRead More →