(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) The Biden administration is not trying to address an issue or fix a symptom. It is targeting a phantasm. The president has yet to address fully how to combat the larger issue of illegally acquired firearms used to commit offenses. Based on the 2016 Survey of PrisonRead More →

Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker (Courtesy North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association) From the Second Amendment Foundation . . . A U.S. District Court Judge in North Carolina has ruled that plaintiffs in a case challenging last year’s “temporary suspension” of accepting and processing pistol purchase permits allegedly due to the COVID-19Read More →

From Nosler . . . On the heels of a year where new hunter participation increased dramatically and more than 8 million people became first-time gun owners, Nosler has announced plans to launch their new “Project 48” initiative designed to welcome, engage and educate this record number of new shootingRead More →


(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) [L]awmakers and anti-violence advocates remain hopeful, buoyed by President Joe Biden’s aggressive gun policy platform and broad public support for tighter gun laws. Key Senate Democrats tell The Trace that a lot has changed since a universal background check measure failed after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School —Read More →

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana) In a desperate gambit to lay the blame for last week’s U.S. Capitol occupation at the feet of America’s firearms owners, gun haters are ginning up more slanderous claims aimed at prominent Second Amendment supporters. Gun-toting freshman Congressional representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado is one whoRead More →