NEW PCC: The B&T SPC9 – Special Purpose Carbine B&T USA has just announced the arrival of the SPC9 – Special Purpose Carbine – that combines features and characteristics from the B&T APC9, H&K MP5, and the AR-15 platforms. Critics of most blow-back operated pistol caliber carbines often note thatRead More →

British Southern Gun Company 9mm Lever Action Rifle

Posted 48 mins ago in AR Patterned, AR-15, Daily News, Lever Action, Rifles, Submachine Guns/Pistol Caliber Carbines by Hrachya H with No CommentsTags: 9mm, 9mm lever-action, AR-style, lever-action, pcc, Pistol caliber carbine, SCG, Southern Gun Company Combining modern firearm designs and layouts with a lever-action mechanism always results in someRead More →

Mikey Hartman Announces the New CAA MCK PCC Pistol Caliber Carbine

Posted 7 mins ago in Daily News, Submachine Guns/Pistol Caliber Carbines by Luke C. with No CommentsTags: CAA MCK PCC, MCK, MCK PCC, MCK Pistol Caliber Carbine, Micro Conversion Kit, Mikey Hartman, pcc, Pistol caliber carbine CAA just dropped some pretty big news recently on their YouTube channel by announcingRead More →