Sniper Range in Djibouti

Posted 1 hour ago in MIL/LE, Photo Of The Day with No CommentsTags: Djibouti, M110A1 CSASS, M110A1 SDMR, Snipers We hope you’re having a fantastic day! Today we’re taking you to Djibouti for some sniping. We have French Forces and Italian Armed Forces, alongside Virginia Army National Guard soldiers assignedRead More →

POTD: U.S. Marines in Japan - FARP

Posted 2 hours ago in Defense, Photo Of The Day with No CommentsTags: FARP, forward arming and refueling point, Japan, U.S. Marines Location: Okinawa, Japan. TFB’s Photo Of The Day has become an impressive gallery, with an ever-growing number of images of firearms in all sorts of environments. Today we’reRead More →

M27 HK416A5

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Henry Rodriguez) It’s time for another Photo Of The Day and this time we follow the Recon U.S. Marines to Iceland. According to the experts, some of the soldiers are armed with rifles with M27 lowers and HK416A5 uppers. Presumably, this is a new programRead More →