(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) Instead of continually telling Americans how he plans to defeat the threat of, say, communist China, Joe Biden has repeatedly pledged to “defeat” America’s oldest civil rights organization. Like a broken record, Beijing Joe Biden (or more likely, his handlers) did it again in response to aRead More →

Courtesy FBI Yawn. It’s no longer considered news that Americans continue to buy guns at a never-seen-before pace. We’ve been beating down the doors of gun stores since March due to the pandemic and then civil unrest (not to mention prisoner releases and the defund-the-police movement). Throw in the usualRead More →

Giffords gun control org founder and Arizona Senate candidate Mark Kelly (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) A show-stopping moment during last week’s Senate debate between Republican Sen. Martha McSally and her Democratic opponent Mark Kelly came when the senator accused Kelly of having a part in a “radical political organization” tied to the “extreme left” fringe of theRead More →

Have a little empathy. Imagine how difficult it must be for America’s gun control advocacy operations these days while people are buying literally every gun manufacturers can produce, as fast as they can crank them out. It doesn’t say much for the narrative they’re trying to sell when literally millionsRead More →