From MidwayUSA . . . The Board of Directors of MidwayUSA announced the promotion of Matt Fleming to CEO/President effective immediately. Matt joined MidwayUSA in 2001 as a Sales and Marketing Manager and was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 2004.  Matt was promoted again in 2009Read More →

New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, D-Scarsdale (AP Photo/Hans Pennink) By Dan Wos During the 2020 riots that ravaged our country for most of the summer, Americans bought guns at a rate never before seen. Non-gun owners and often even anti-gunners decided it was time to shed their anti-gun viewsRead More →

Have a little empathy. Imagine how difficult it must be for America’s gun control advocacy operations these days while people are buying literally every gun manufacturers can produce, as fast as they can crank them out. It doesn’t say much for the narrative they’re trying to sell when literally millionsRead More →