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Courtesy GunsSaveLife.com Remember, no one knows what’s better for you or your children than the state. Being a mouth-breathing, gap-toothed, deplorable insurrectionist gun owner, you can’t possibly be entrusted with the responsibility of knowing if, when, or how your children should be introduced to the proper use of firearms. FortunatelyRead More →

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NSSF: Retailers Should Consult an Attorney Before Selling Polymer80 Buy Build Shoot Kits – The Truth About Guns Courtesy Polymer80 Next Post Coming Soon…▶ From the National Shooting Sports Foundation: NSSF is aware that Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) executed a search warrant at Polymer80’s offices inRead More →

Noted firearms and tactical expert, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., recently drew on his deep reserves of wisdom and experience to advise police officers that they should really just shoot dangerous suspects in the leg, rather than follow their training and aim for center mass in order to stop a threat. AsRead More →

A police car burns during a protest in response to the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., late Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, in Philadelphia. Police officers fatally shot the 27-year-old Black man during a confrontation Monday afternoon in West Philadelphia that quickly raised tensions in the neighborhood. (Jessica Griffin/The PhiladelphiaRead More →